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What is a credit union?
A credit union is a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution organized to promote thrift and provide credit to members. It is member-owned and governed by a board of directors elected by the membership. TRU·FI’s seven-member volunteer board provides strategic direction and oversees the management of the credit union for its members. The result: members are provided with a safe, convenient place to save and borrow at reasonable rates at an institution which exists to benefit them.

Who owns the credit union?
TRU·FI is different from other financial institutions because we are a member owned financial cooperative, we are owned by our members not shareholders. Members deposit their money with the credit union and earn dividends, which allow us to lend those funds to members that want to borrow for things they need. Borrowing members pay interest on the funds and in turn that money is used to keep the credit union growing and healthy. This is a prime example of the credit union philosophy of "people helping people."

Not for profit – What does this mean to you?
This does not mean TRU·FI is not interested in making money, TRU·FI is a business and we must work to ensure we are profitable so that we always operate with safety and soundness. What is different is how we use our profits; profits are returned to YOU the member in many forms, competitive deposit & loan rates, and products and services with low or no fees. Some profit is set aside in the form of capital or reserves.

Are all deposits into the credit union insured?
Each individual member’s account is Federally insured by the NCUA. Please visit the NCUA website for a helpful brochure!

What is TRU·FI Credit Union’s routing number?
TRU·FI Credit Union’s routing number is 263179914.

How can I set up direct deposit?
To set up direct deposit, please contact your employer's payroll department. You will need to provide them with the routing number 263179914 and your account number, which can be located in Online Banking.

What is my member number and where can I find it?
Your member number is your unique identifier and account number at TRU·FI Credit Union. You can locate your member number quickly and securely in Online Banking.

How can I apply for a new loan or refinance my existing loan?
To quickest way to apply for a new loan or refinance your existing loan is to complete our online loan application. Applications can also be completed by calling 904.259.6702 or visiting and branch office.

If I want to become a member, what is the best way to open an account?
You can apply for membership by completing our online membership application or visiting any branch office.
To open an account for someone under the age or 18, please visit a branch office. or call us at 904.259.6702. A joint owner must be on the account for children and teen accounts.

How do I reorder checks?
You can securely reorder checks in Online Banking. Checks may also be ordered by a Member Services Representative at any of our branch locations or by calling 800.Deluxe1.

How do I report a lost/stolen card?
To report a lost or stolen debit or credit card, you can visit a branch or call 1-800-472-3272 Option 2
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