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Schedule of Fees

Tru-Fi Fee Schedule

Par Value of share: $5.00
Effective 6/1/2021


Name Fee
Courtesy Pay (item paid) $35.00
Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) (Returned Transaction) $35.00
Overdraft Transfer (Between accounts) No Charge

Account Fees

Name Fee
New Member Fee (Currently waived) $10.00
Checking Account Monthly Fee (Waived if have eStatements or Direct Deposit within last 6 days) $10.00
Mega Money (Checking Account) Monthly Fee (Waived if average daily balance is ≥$2,500.00) $20.00
Super Cash Below Minimum Balance $25.00
Super Cash Excessive Withdrawals/Transfers $10.00 (per transaction)
Standard Business Checking Monthly Fee (Waived if average daily balance is ≥ $500.00) $10.00
Premium Business Checking Monthly Fee (Waived if average daily balance is ≥ $10,000.00) $50.00
Not-For-Profit Checking Monthly Fee No Charge

Account Services

Name Fee
Returned Deposit Item $15.00
Garnishment, Levy $100.00
Dormant Account (Per month after 12 months inactive) $5.00
Bad Address (Each month until corrected) $5.00
Non-U.S. Transactions Applicable Fees

Member-Requested Services

Name Fee
Account Research $50.00 Per hour ($50.00 minimum)
Statement Copy $5.00 each
Account History $5.00 each
Stop Payment $35.00 each item
Account Closed within 90 Days of Opening $5.00


Name Fee
Check copy $3.00
Check orders Price varies by style
Temporary Checks (First 4 Free for new accounts) 4 for $2.00

Debit Cards

Name Fee
Replacement Card $5.00
Replacement Card Overnight Delivery Fee $35.00
Visa® Gift Card $2.50 Each

Club Accounts

Name Fee
Tru Savers Kids Club Withdrawal Prior to Age 16 $10.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal $10.00
Club Savings Third & Additional Withdrawals Per Year $10.00 Each

Official Checks/Money Orders

Name Fee
Official Checks (Waived if member has a checking or Super Cash Account) $5.00
Money Order $1.00

Wire Transfers

Name Fee
Incoming Wire (Including Foreign) $5.00
Outgoing Foreign Wire $35.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire $25.00

Safe Deposit Boxes

Name Fee
Safe Deposit Box Rental (Per year) -
- Small Box (3x5) $30.00
- Medium Box (3x10) $45.00
- Large Box (5x10) $55.00
- Extra Large Box (10x10) $100.00
Safe Deposit Box Renewal Late Fee $20.00
Safe Deposit Box Replacement Key $150.00
Safe Deposit Box Abandoned $35.00 (May be combined with safe deposit box replacement key)

Credit Union Services

Name Fee
Visa® Cash Advance No Charge
Non-Member Notary Service $5.00

Business Check Cashing

Name Fee
Non-Member-Payee up to $1,000.00 in Checks $10.00 (Per payee, Per transaction)
Non-Member-Payee over $1,000.00 in Checks %1 of Total (Per payee, Per transaction)

Fees are subject to change
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